Types of eye tears: basal, relax, and emotional tears

Basal, Relax, and Emotional are the Tears types

Basically, human tears are divided into three categories like

1.Basal tears: It keeps our eyes to keep away from drying, normally in every human body produces an average of 5 to 10 ounces of basal tears each day, for instances runny noses after a good fest.

2. Relax Tears: For instances when we cut onions, and when we go in front of strong wind like while driving, This relax tears happen through sensory nervous in our cornea,it says this irritation to our brain stems, immediately our brain responds to such irritation  and sends some hormones to the eyelids glands, That's the reason we cry while cutting onions 

           nytimes.com case study on tears-the new york times 

3.Emotional Tears: It Happens when we are in sadness, this feeling is stored in our cerebrum, So let's remember our feelings stores in our cerebrum so people cry for emotional to reduce their stress, pain . Normally you can image, we don't feel relief when we don't share our problem, likewise, to avoid feelings, our endocrine system releases hormones to the ocular area, tears forming starts here.

Conclusion: Some scientist says, To keep our health in both physical and mentally, we need to extract waste products, chemicals and all, It happens by tears, In some studies both relax and emotional tears are very important to human beings, Daily To keep away from stress and Mental illness and all. read more at The New York Times or nytimes.com

Some case studies, they are saying better to keep our schedule for crying, To develop body resistances. We have many case studies but final thing is tearing makes our eyes clean and keeps us to forget our emotional feelings, for instance when we fail in love,our hormones release tears to forget opposite person, and after some days we don't feel much as comparing with love failure time.