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Species is the basic unit of classification. Lattin word is species.

Authors names & theirs books - Johnray- book Historia Generalis plantarum

The term species used by Linnaeus  Linnaeus - book Systema naturae   Linnaeus told that species as the basic unit of classification. Buffon - book natural history, Idea of the evolution of species & founder for the biological conception of evolution discovered by Buffon.    Charles Darwin - book origin of species    ...dynamic nature of new species

Buffon's biological concept of species explain species is interbreeding group of similar individuals sharing a common gene pool

Reproductively isolated from individuals of other species- breeding unit. Sharing same ecological

Sharing same ecological nich- ecological unit.

Showing similarity in karyotype- genetic unit.

Similar structure & functional characteristics - evolutionary unit.

Closely related species of genus interbreed & it gives sterile offspring.  Ex.female donkey & male horse gives sterile hinny

Dobzhansky - gives the concept of mendelian population....when species defined.  Mendelina population- group of sexually reproducing individuals matting takes .places - shares common gene pool.The population of species show assortative mating .they inhabit different geographical areas & adapt continuously to surrounding of environment & leads to news species ... Species is dynamic