It is common for pregnant women to get cravings for food. They may crave for food which they usually do not eat. These cravings may be considered as the first sign for pregnancy.

It has also being seen that the taste and smell of women’s changes after they get pregnant. For example, some women develop a very odd metallic taste in their mouth in their early stage of pregnancy while the taste buds of some women get dull. Some people also think that these cravings are a result of deficiency.

Some women crave for food which may be related to their emotions. Like, they may crave for food which they like in their childhood or food which is specially related to religion or culture. Craving for food may mark a special feature of pregnancy. They may develop unusual cravings for food like fried foods and coffee.

These food cravings may be due to some sickness but it’s the body’s way to ensure that they are eating properly. There’s no harm in getting food cravings if they help in getting over with phases like morning sickness.

So, pregnant women should follow their diet strictly as a craving for one food means deficient of other food.