We all have teeth. In fact every person on this earth has teethes. We all know teethes are white in colour found in mouth of human beings. Teethes are usually used for purpose of mastication and to maintain food habits and structure of teeth one needs to brush its teeth. Well!! We all know why human beings brush their teeth but now we will know why animals won’t.

The teethes of animals are such that they do not require brushing. Let’s take an example of snake which does not require brushing because they use their teeth to capture their prey. They do not have to eat; they just have to swallow their prey.

The only difference between human beings and animals is of functional adaptations. For example, in plants the food which they consume gets stored in cellulose wall. Although, here there is use of teeth but there is no chewing. The food which they consume is mostly non-sticky and raw. So, brushing is not important.

 In contradiction, the cells of animals are not closed within walls. This type of case can be present in carnivore’s animals where they use their teeth only to catch their prey. So, this may be another reason why animals do not brush their teeth.

It is important for human beings to brush their teeth because the food which human beings consumed today is very sticky and may cause dental problems. So, it is highly advisable that a person should brush their teeth twice a day.