Everyone knows what cancer is all about. It is a disease which is caused in one corner of your body and spreads to all other parts and eventually makes your body weak and finally the person dies. It’s a beginning of dead.

One such cancer is heart cancer which very rarely occurs. Cancer, also known as neoplasia  occurs when the cells inside the human body begins to grow very rapidly and goes out of control due to viral infection or change in the DNA. Mostly cancer is caused in skin, bone marrow, intestine where cells grow rapidly. Cancer is not caused or rarely caused in heart because the cells in the heart are non-dividing and are not susceptible to cancer. Heart cancers are caused mostly in children. Cancers which spread to the heart are known as melanoma and mostly these tumours are benign.

It is noted that heart cancers are caused very rarely and most of heart tumours are non cancerous and mostly they spread from other parts of the body. In order to remove heart cancer it is advice to undergo surgical surgery. Heart cancers can damage the heart valves or may stiffen the heart muscles as well. Chemotherapy which is done to reduce heart cancer also damages the heart. Radiation therapy also damages the heart and increases the risk of coronary artery disease.

So, although heart cancer is very rare but when it affects the heart once it becomes a lifetime disease.