We all know that ants are social insects. They usually go out of their house in order to search for their food. There is one specific species of ants called ‘scouts’ which go out only to search for food. They try to search for food and if any of scout ants found any sample of food they took the sample to their nest. When these ants are returning to their nest, they pressed their abdomen to ground and at frequent intervals gives out their sting.

When these ants give out the sting a chemical of volatile nature is produce from their gland. The ants when move to their nest draws a line from the food to their nest with the help of this chemical. When the ant reaches their home they give this message to other ants and then looping movements on the line starts which also attract attention of other scouts ant and they also joins. This helps the ants to attract more workers and they draw a never ending line of ants which thus, helps in bringing food.