Nomenclature Notes for Medical Entrance Exam 2020

Scientific names given by international code of botanical nomenclature(ICBN)in plants& in Animals I.,e.. International code of Zoological nomenclature(ICZN)

Naming scientific names with twowords is binominal nomenclature... Given by carolus linnaeus

(Sweedist botanist)

1.Father of taxonomy

2.Founder of modersystematics

3.System of hierarchical classification

Carolus Linnaeus- 10th edition book systema nature

In binomial nomenclaturE

Begging word genus- noun & in a capital letter

End word species- adjective& in a small letter

After writing binomial words we have to underline separately

Taxonomist discovered the species can write the name either in full form or in abbreviate form

Ex.Felis leo Linnaeus or Felis leo Linn. Or Felis leo L

Year also written after the taxonomist name

Felis leo Linnaeus,1758

For example when genus is not orginial the taxonomist discovered species we have to kept in bracket the taxonomist name& year ..

Panthera leo (Linnaeus ,1758)

Trinomial nomenclature

The scientific names with the three words names

Trionmen ..

The third word subspecies starting with small letter

Ex..Homo sapiens sapiens


Generic name & species name same
Name tautonym
Ex: Axis axis