I stumbled upon the bed corner and winced hard and expected my mother would appear at any moment and will take care of the bruises but she was nowhere to be found. And that is when the reality hit me very hard. I was new in the world of staying in hostels and so was the homesickness. I never discovered that I loved my family to this extent that a day without them will leave me in tears.

And then there was a call from my mother. I could sense the umbilical cord connection. She called me exactly when it was needed the most. I hurriedly wiped my tears and picked up the call. She asked me you are enjoying right? You always wanted to go a different city and explore more and more about the world. But have you left because I scolded a lot for household chores and grades? I felt my voice was shrinking and it could tell her that I was crying and as the eldest child of family, I have always restrained myself from making them see my vulnerable side. So I quickly cut the call and cried till my lungs were out of oxygen. I composed myself and called her again so that she does not panic.

She asked suddenly about what I had in dinner and I went numb for a second because it was the first time in my whole lifetime that I skipped dinner. I told her that I had dinner, thus convincing her that I am not having a hard time here in hostel.

I was never the kind of kid who would keep talking to parents but now when I was out of home, I called them frequently to know about their whereabouts. I maintained a calendar about how many days it was left for holiday. Exploring world was my hobby, but visiting home and scoop mother for a tight hug was my never ending wish.

I use to cry whenever my roommates were out of the room. Days were passed in jiffy and night in the pool of tears. There was a usual morning where I was sleeping soundly and my cell phone flashed my mother’s number. I picked up the phone after some rings and she asked me to open the hostel door. It was the best morning I can ever dream of. I almost jumped over her, making her realize how much I missed her. On the other hand there was my father who always use to say call your mother sometimes, she misses you all the time. He was indeed very bad at saying that he missed me and so was I. But when they visited me, I took them to every place where we made countless memories. My roommates told her about my habit of skipping meals and then she made me promise that I will never give up on dinner. Hostel chapter made me realize how for granted I was taking my one of the best blessings.